Franklin County musicians have released a number of albums recently. In the coming weeks, we'll introduce several of them here and on the new AAC/WLFE Feature Artist Showcase on radio WLFE.

      The AAC/WLFE Feature Artist Showcase broadcasts cuts from the Featured Album on Fridays at 8:40 a.m. on Corey Cranston's show on WWSR-1420 AM. Country albums appear on Matt Henry's show on WLFE-102.3 FM


Everybody loves an overnight success story.

In 1979, five St Albans boys were playing around with some guitars and a drum set. 10 years later, they played the first Summer Sounds Concert Series in Highgate and drew one of the biggest crowds we have ever had.

Southbound now has the number one Independent album in the country. But they still haven't cracked the top 60 of all songs played. In fact, only two of the top 60 hits are independently produced.

Making it takes an investment of money, ability, time, delicious songs, and good fortune. Of 300 new acts who signed record deals last year in Nashville, only the Kinleys, a duet, and Michael Peterson and have made it to the charts. As of last Thursday, the record was being played on 500 country stations (up from 134 the week before).

"They are turning some heads in Nashville," said WLFE's Kevin Greenan.

Jeff Lamos, vocals and rhythm guitar, Darren Arsenault, lead guitar and harmony, Tony Nichols, vocals and bass guitar, Buffer Como, vocals and keyboard, and drummer Jason Como bring tight harmony and sold instrumentals to sentimental country themes. Solid, well practiced country band? Sure. But they also have the sound and ability to attract mainstream audiences. The album includes I Know Where You're Coming From, In the Shadows of the Fire and Jeff Lamos' own ballad, Sill Waters Run Deep. A remix Still Waters without the fiddle and steel guitar would also produce a good crossover to adult-contemporary. Look for the Southbound website.

Southbound is performing around the country and selling the CD everwhere they go. The boys are getting there and, for the audience, it's always been fun.

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