Franklin County musicians have released a number of albums recently. In the coming weeks, we'll introduce several of them here and on the new AAC/WLFE Feature Artist Showcase on radio WLFE.

      The AAC/WLFE Feature Artist Showcase broadcasts cuts from the Featured Album on Fridays at 8:40 a.m. on Corey Cranston's show on WWSR-1420 AM. Country albums appear on Matt Henry's show on WLFE-102.3 FM

Jesse Metcalf: Water's In

      Jesse Metcalf and Good Knight Moon headlined our Ice Jam benefit earlier this year. Don't let the box of rocks on the album cover fool you (Jesse's the one on the left in the photo). They have a comfortable, contemplative folk- rock sound led by Jesse's vocals.
      "Recording the album was fabulous," Jesse said. "I had never been a public performer before, so a bunch of friends at work provoked me and threatened me to do it. It was supposed to happen. Everybody's life changed and they all just made me feel so comfortable."
      This project was originally planned as a solo effort, but the Good Night Moon Band formed around Eric Belrose on drums, Mike Lykens on guitar, and Scott Dubois on bass. Bassman Scott Dubois and blues man Mike Lykens have gone on to pursue other musical interests; Andre Maquera and Frank Barnes from 8084 have now joined the group.
      Like so many Franklin County artists, Jesse Metcalf has a day job. When I talked to her, she was cleaning ice cream out of her hair after a maintenance day at Ben and Jerry's. Born in Manhattan, she has lived in Brooklyn Heights and Western Massachussetts, and celebrates her 35th birthday this week.
      "I don't have a favorite song [on the CD] but if I had to choose one it would be 'Lullaby for Myself' because it is the only song I've written for myself." Most of Jesse's other songs are written about other people or outside events.
      Which cut do you think makes the best single? "If somebody asked me to pick one cut, I think I'd go out and take a survey," Jesse said, "because I'm a complete geek about that end of the music business." Here's the deal. Pick your favorite single and call it in to Kevin or Mary at WLFE (527-1211). The deadline for entries is tomorrow. We'll tabulate the results and pick a winner from among the most popular entries. The prize is a free copy of Water's In.
      "If anybody has a desire to do something like this [cutting an album], they have to go for it," Jesse said. I had a lot of emotional, financial, and musical support, from people who simply wanted to be involved."
      Jesse and the band played a benefit for the Rape and Abuse Center on May 9 and will open for 8084 on May 30 at Sha-Booms. Water's In is available at Jukebox CDs and Pure Pop Records.

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