Franklin County musicians have released a number of albums recently. In the coming weeks, we'll introduce several of them here and on the new AAC/WLFE Feature Artist Showcase on radio WLFE.

      The AAC/WLFE Feature Artist Showcase broadcasts cuts from the Featured Album on Fridays at 8:40 a.m. on Corey Cranston's show on WWSR-1420 AM. Country albums appear on Matt Henry's show on WLFE-102.3 FM


      Vermont's most widely traveled rock band, 8084 toured the United States in the national Coors Tour and has played extensively in Europe where their album sales and fan letters number in the thousands.
      8084 recorded Satisfaction Guaranteed in 1992. This album includes the popular ballad Fade Away. Other cuts include Surrender, a love ballad, Call Me, and Fade Away which answers the question of why musicians keep performing despite heartache and pain. The band includes singer Randy Smith, Andre Maquera, lead guitar, Frank Barnes, bass, and "rotational" drummer Scott Belisle who has been with them for two years. Although they have gone through a pile of drummers, Frank and Andre have been part of the band from the beginning in 1982.
      Frank described the melodic songs on Satisfaction Guaranteed as "mostly upbeat, positive, hard pop-rock. There are a lot of love songs, because love is everywhere." Andre, Randy, and Frank collaborate to write most of their songs. "Andre has his hand in probably 75 percent," Frank said. Randy works on about half their originals and Frank about a quarter.
      One of the secrets of their success is that they enjoy playing other people's songs as much as their own. 8084 plays the power pop sounds from the seventies such as covers of Van Halen and Bon Jovi. "We put as much of our own energy into that as we do the original performances," Frank said. It has not only helped them stay popular, it also helps them stay happy. They are hoping a compilation album project comes through soon and are working on a new album for this summer.
      8084 will headline Sha-Booms Saturday night (with opening act Jesse Metcalf and Good Night Moon) starting at 9; they will also appear in Summer Sounds in St Albans on August 2.
      Satisfaction Guaranteed is available at Jukebox CDs.

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