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Ania Modzelewski


      Ania Modzelewski paints children's portraits and wildlife, primarily in oil. The paintings show her people and animals soaring, living, and working dynamically in a natural environment.
      Ania's single mother first parked her "for safekeeping" in a center for artistically gifted children. Despite that early direction, finding the time and place to paint was difficult. She experimented over the years with oils, wood sculpture, and computer graphics. But she completed her education more conventionally with a Masters in Economics. She and husband Alex, a surgeon, have lived and worked in North Africa, England and Canada. They settled on Maquam Shore.
      "At last, I have found the time and environment to spread my wings," she said of her home here. "I can find my art in the natural beauty of the countryside, this straightforward Vermont life, and the approval of friendly strangers."
      Painting is her avocation and occupation; her pictures are increasingly found in area exhibits, including the Sugar Mill Gallery, rotating displays in St. Albans restaurants and at the Northwest Medical Center. In May she will be featured as artist of the month at "Uncommon Grounds" in Burlington.
      Ania is an avid cross country skier. "On a snowy afternoon, you can find me out on the lake ice or in the Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge," she said. It's not all exercise. She carries a camera to intercept a bird basking in redness of the setting sun or a child's face caught launching a snowball. Those images will become the start of a new painting adventure. You will always recognize her by the smile and the camera hanging from her neck.

      Ania's portfolio

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