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by Lauren Young

      I am sitting by the window at camp. My thousandth and one rejection slip is in my hands. Letting it slip through my fingers, it floats to the floor. In despair, I look out the window. My pen drops to the floor. In the corner of the window a small spider has a big bee dangling from his web. The bee is trying feverishly to break free. The spider is working just as hard to keep him. Suddenly, the bee drops to the sill. Again the tiny spider wraps him in his web, bringing the bee closer and closer to him. Reaching down, I pick up my pen. When I looked out the window again, both the bee and the spider had disappeared - hopefully outside!
      As a writer I am always trying like the small spider. The bee symbolizes publishers and agents. Part of me wants to squash the buzzing nuisance.
      Life presents opportunities all the time. We just need to look for them, and make it happen. It is our choice, isn't it? Give up or keep trying.
      The size of the project or our goals doesn't matter. Pen in hand, once again, I started to write. I am determined, like the spider. I wish to capture a publisher or agent with the written word.
      Before me lies the task of turning my collection of poems into my first book of poetry, finishing Allison's story, marketing Meadow Mystery, finding a publisher for Sock Feet. Perhaps we can all be victorious, the hungry spider, the fleeing bee, and me!

Copyright (c) Lauren L. Young, 1998

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