All Arts Council
1997 Annual Report


      The Floodstock benefit concert was the All Arts Council's biggest undertaking, and our grandest success of the year. Since the AAC knows a lot of bands and wanted to raise some money for the Montgomery flood victims, we planned a show at the Field Days site in Highgate.
      The day before the concert (August 24) the temperature in Montgomery dropped to 39. One furnace-challenged family reported an inside temp of 50 .
      April Wine headlined the concert along with 17 well known Vermont bands. 400 volunteers, music lovers, high school students, Rotarians, and 50 businesses pitched in. We had most of the materiel from two armories and much help from the Vermont National Guard. Missisquoi Valley Rescue, the Highgate Fire Department, the Sheriff, and local police officers were there. We netted a little over $24,000. As Sue Wilson said, "That buys a lot of new heaters."
      The Rotary Club of St Albans invited over 20 AAC artists to exhibit fine art again this year at the Home Expo. We filled both handball courts; the exhibit was our best of the year.
      That was not our only involvement with the St Albans Rotary. Thanks to the Home Expo, they gave a financial boost to programs for kids, for the arts, and for other community-wide activities. The All Arts Council was one of 40 organizations to receive a grant.
      Summer Sounds '97 returned with 15 free Sunday concerts in Highgate, St Albans, Enosburg, Franklin, and Richford. The lineup included Lisa Brande and Easy Street, Stockwell Brothers, Too Tall String Band, Dr Jazz & the Dixie Hot Shots, the Vermont Big Band, Banjo Dan and the Midnight Plowboys, 8084, Through the Opera Glass, Woods Tea Company, Zephyrs, Nobby Reed, a Pipers and Fiddlers concert, Green Mountain Chorus, and Scott Kepnes.
      The St Albans Centennial Homecoming, a giant family reunion, was a long weekend Fourth of July block party in downtown St Albans. There was marvelous music, visits with friends, great food, visits with family, parades and fireworks, visits with friends, art exhibits, visits with family, and a nifty logo, created by our own Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard.
      King George III ascended to the British throne in 1760 and we took Franklin County back to that time with a Vermont Youth Orchestra concert. London 1760 celebrated the coronation with some of London's top 40 hits of the time. The complete VYO will return January 24.
      Art and flower lovers enjoyed bite size marvels from area restaurants, fine arts, and, of course, one or two flowers at the second annual Arts and Eats Festival at Hamlen's Garden Center.
      Mezzo-soprano Clarice Strauch Hearne performed in a solo recital of classical music, familiar favorites, and Rodgers and Hammerstein medleys in Richford Town Hall.
      Vermont sculptor Kate Pond placed Sun Fix for Judy, a major sculpture, at the new border station in Highgate Springs. (Judy is sculptor Judith Brown who died of cancer in 1992.)
      The Vermont Symphony Orchestra came to Franklin County for the second straight year in a wonderful concert at St Lukes in September. They will be back October 1, 1998.
      Four excellent bazaars joined forces to fill your stockings with art and to give you a lovely day trip around our County in the first (of many) Grand Holiday Art and Crafts Tour.
      The AAC's first auction was also a success. A small crowd came to Chow! Bella and took home two dozen pieces of fine art, sculpture, books, and theater tickets. The auction raised enough to underwrite five or six new AAC ArtsBoost grants in 1998.
      The Sugar Mill Co-op Gallery, which hosted a monthly series featuring the artists of Franklin County, closed. We hope to reopen in 1998.
      Our web site includes the county's biggest and best page of links for people involved in the arts; a link to ArtBits; Franklin County events; portfolio pages; the AAC history and mission; and more. This "little" site has gotten over 40,000 hits this year.
      We worked closely with the Opera House at Enosburg Falls and St Albans Area C.A.N. to plan, promote, and run events. We helped Fairfax Community Theater Company, Georgia Gate Players, the St Albans Free Library, WLFE/WWSR, the Champlain Chorus, and Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge with publicity for shows and a Nancy Howe raffle.
      Our monthly "networking" meetings included show and tell by various artists, impromptu musical gigs, some business opportunities, and workshops such as Art as a Business. AAC members meet the first Thursday of every month at the Collins-Perley Sports Center.
      The AAC incorprated as a Vermont non-profit in August. Because we changed form, we filed a new application for 501(c)(3) recognition; we expect to receive or recognition letter in early 1998.
      Finally. our newspaper column has been great fun. Dick has profiled some interesting people and arts organizations and has plugged Stuff You Shouldn't Miss around the area, the Art Site of the Week, Artists' Opportunities, AAC Member News, and the Franklin County Bookshelf.


      The Rotary Club of St Albans has invited AAC artists to exhibit fine art again this year at the Home Expo. With over 12,000 visitors, this juried show is our premier gallery event. We will include an exhibit of newspaper photographic art and a collaborative display with the Northern Vermont Artists Association. AAC art will then join the NVAA at the Spring Mall Show in Burlington.
      The AAC plans to host benefit dance concert/shows for the Red Cross, United Way, and the St Albans Historical Society.
      93 Strings will present workshops and concerts in schools around Franklin County.
      Summer Sounds '98 will expand again this year with free concerts every other Sunday in Highgate and St Albans, bonus concerts in Franklin, and Richford, plus a new series in Enosburg. The lineup will include old favorites and new groups in blues, bluegrass, country, opera, pop, and a little rock and roll.
      Thanks to ArtsAuction '97, we offer small ArtsBoost grants to Franklin County teachers and community centers. The first grants have gone to an artist residency at Richford Elementary and to the 93 Strings workshops and school concerts. Applying is simplicity itself: find an artist to work with your kids, write a short description of the project, find matching funds, and E-mail the All Arts Council
      The AAC will also build on several popular events, including the Vermont Youth Orchestra concert this month, the annual Arts and Eats Festival at Hamlen's Garden Center, solo recitals by Claire Hungerford and mezzo-soprano Clarice Strauch Hearne, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra in concert at St Lukes, a Franklin County-wide Grand Holiday Art and Crafts Tour, and ArtsAuction '98.
      The Sugar Mill Co-op Gallery was popular with artists and art lovers. We hope to find space and reopen the gallery this year.
      We will work with the Georgia Gate Players and Fairfax Community Theatre Company on a county-wide performance. The Georgia Gate Players will perform Godspell in April; Fairfax Community Theatre summer musical will be the Pajama Game.
      The St Albans Rotary's famed Suitcase Theater hopes to add a third company to put shows in nearly every library in Franklin County. Sponsors are needed to expand this wonderful program. St John's Episcopal Ministry of the Arts will repeat the Voices of Summer afternoon concert series in Highgate Falls. The Kiwanis Club of Franklin County will bring back Circus Smirkus.
      We will continue to work closely with Cambridge Arts Council, Fairfax Community Theater Company, Georgia Gate Players, Island Arts, the NVAA, the Opera House, St Albans Area C.A.N., the St Albans Free Library, and WLFE/WWSR to plan, promote, and run events.
      Our monthly "networking" meetings will include show and tell by various artists, impromptu musical gigs, some business opportunities, and workshops. AAC members meet the first Thursday of every month at the Collins-Perley Sports Center.

The Fine Print
Income/Expense by Category
Admissions-Revenue 22,665.
Dues-Membership Dues 1,070.
Earned Income-1-Concessions, product sale 3,538.
Income from 50-50 etc 139.
Grants: Town allotment or gift 2,875
Grants Private Foundation 1,800.
Grants: Special 151
Corporate Sponsors 6,975.
Other Sponsors 1,176.



General Fund for AAC 1,061.
Grants from AAC to other organizations 22,551.
Hospitality 455.
Marketing, Advertising & promotion 1,611.
Miscellaneous Office Exp 1,211.
Other Presenting Expenses 880.
Performers fees 4,075.
Goods Purchased for Resale 1,425.
Theater or hall expense 274.
Technical and Production salaries, fees 5,068.
Travel 114.


General Fund for AAC 1,347.
Auction '97 519.
Crafts and Fine Art Show 36.
Kate Pond Exhibit 0.
All other exhibits & shows -285.
FloodStock '97 Benefit Concert -1,060.
Floodstock Tee Shirts 1,283.
All gallery exhibits -8.
Community Needs Assessment -16.
AAC Newsletter -4.
Summer Sounds: Enosburg, Franklin, Richford1 -160.
Summer Sounds: Highgate 1 297.
Summer Sounds: St Albans 1 -479.
Vermont Youth Orch Benefit, 19971 203.
Vermont Youth Orch Benefit, 19981 -8.
Winter Concert Series '98 -1.


1 In annual projects such as the Summer Sounds series, gains and (losses) are carried from year to year.

More Fine Print
1998-99 BUDGET
(see notes below)

Income/Expense by Category
1998 1999
Admissions Revenue 1,350. 1,400.
Membership Dues 1,075. 1,125.
Income from Concessions and product sales 1,350. 1,400.
Income from 50-50 etc 150. 150.
Grant, State 100. 0.
Grant, Local-Town allotment or gift 3,500. 3,500.
Grant, Other-Private Foundation 0. 0.
Corporate Sponsor 2,100. 2,100.
Other sponsor 300. 300.
Other Income
TOTAL INCOME 9925 9975
Gifts, grants from AAC to other organizations 1,300. 1,300.
All Arts-General Fund for AAC 150. 150.
Hospitality 100. 100.
Marketing, Advertising & production 950. 950.
Miscellaneous Office Expense 200. 200.
Other Presenting Expenses 150. 150.
Performer's fees 6,200. 6,325.
Goods Purchased for Resale 0 0
Space Rental: Theater or hall expense 250. 250.
Technical & Production salaries, fees 500. 500.
Travel 50. 50.
TOTAL EXPENSES 9,850. 9,975.

75. 0.

This budget is a planning tool and does not include possible grants or sponsorship for the Winter Sounds concert series, increased funding for Summer Sounds or other new projects and benefits.

All Arts Council of Franklin County

Frank Barnes, 2000, Christopher Bouchard , 1999, Melissa Ewell, 2001, Kathleen Kinney (treasurer), 1998, Anne Harper (secretary), 2001, Dick Harper (chair), 1999, Patrice Havreluk-Hemingway, 2000, Louis Hill, 2000, David Kiefner, 1999, Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard (vice-chair), 2000, Ania Modzelewski, 1999, Albert Perry, 2001, Richard Serpe, Jr. (membership), 2000

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